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Welcome to Triangle Pilates.

We offer APPI Pilates Courses in beautiful locations on the North Coast of Northern Ireland.

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Heidi's classes are for all levels of participants and have been great for my back and core strength


Heidi’s classes are brilliant - the most enjoyably challenging yet relaxing 50 minutes, where I can really feel my muscles being worked and posture aligned. Heidi has such a warm, informative and encouraging manner and is also great craic. There are always plenty of laughs! 


As runners, we often neglect flexibility and suffer the consequences. Since attending weekly sessions with Triangle Pilates, I've noticed a marked improvement in hip mobility and range of movement.


I just love Heidi’s classes. She is warm, welcoming and very considerate to the different needs that we all have. She really knows her stuff. From the music to the moves, it’s an hour of ‘me time.’ Give it a go, you won’t regret it!


I was pretty skeptical about how much Pilates would help postnatally, but I really notice when I haven’t been! Classes are always varied, keeping it interesting, with the best locations on the North coast!


Each class is different but the courses are thought out as a whole - Heidi clearly puts a lot of considered thought into her planning. Heidi gives personal attention to each member of the class, ensuring that we are working correctly, safely and within our ability. Heidi's nature has created a fun, caring and welcoming atmosphere. I look forward to the class every week!


I have been attending Heidi's classes for several years after suffering with bad lower back and hip pain. Heidi's expert knowledge and varied classes have helped me to gain strength in my core and other muscles. The classes are friendly and welcoming to all.


I'm very new to Pilates. I started the classes to try to help my lower back pain/sciatica which has definitely improved. Heidi is a wonderful teacher and explains everything perfectly. The class always goes in so quickly. I would very highly recommend! 


Exercises are always clearly explained and demonstrated and are ‘layered’ so that you can choose to work at a basic level or challenge yourself for maximum effect.


Great classes with Heidi! I started going as I have a sore knee and back and both have improved vastly. Accommodating and considerate class instructor.


Heidi’s classes are the best! Definitely not a ‘one size fits all’ type of class - I love the way she takes the time to explain alternative exercises to suit individual needs. Great studio at Loughan Marina too! 


Heidi is a warm, friendly, professional instructor, always on hand to give help and encouragement. My strength and flexibility have improved a lot over the last 5 years, thanks to Heidi’s fantastic teaching and advice. 


I recommend Heidi’s classes for those of us at retirement age. Heidi’s assistance ensures we are moving correctly and keeping our flexibility at its peak! 


I really enjoy going to Heidi’s classes each week. She is so encouraging and really takes an interest in everyone individually. The classes are varied from week to week, so it never gets boring. The social aspect is great too - I’ve met so many lovely people since joining Triangle Pilates!


Great variety of workouts. Apart from the challenging workout, there is a social side too! A very welcoming space and a fun class. 


I so enjoy the warmth and welcome of Heidi’s classes. She is a great teacher. The movements are well explained and Heidi uses a variety of equipment which brings new challenges each week. The atmosphere is relaxed but we work hard! Excellent value for money too!


Heidi's classes offer a wide range of mat exercises with a variety of different apparatus. Each class is delivered to suit all abilities with Heidi offering help and clear guidance throughout. I really enjoy the classes and have found them to be very beneficial with improving my core strength and fitness. I would highly recommend to anyone considering Pilates!

Heidi Wright is a fully certified APPI (Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute) Pilates Matwork Instructor. Heidi has been teaching small group and 1:1 classes on the stunning North Coast of Northern Ireland, since founding Triangle Pilates in 2019. Heidi’s clear instructive style, calm demeanour and warm welcome has encouraged regular clients to fall in love with Pilates almost as much as she has! 

Triangle Pilates courses are designed to progressively build strength, improve mobility and promote mental wellness. Classes include low-impact whole-body exercises which focus on core strength, alignment and efficient muscle usage. 


If you have any particular questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

T: 07516720082

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